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    Susan Belitsky, MEd, MSW, CAGS, Israeli Teaching License

    Clinical Social Work | Recreational Therapy | Adventure-Based Therapy | Pet Loss | Animal Assisted Therapy | Expressive Arts | Reorienteering

    If the stress of national disasters these days is getting to you please reach out.
    Modern technology with some Creativity can offer some relief in ways that might surprise you.
    You don’t have to be alone

    My Practice

    Susan Belitsky, MEd, MSW, CAGS, Israeli Teaching License MSW is a Masters in Clinical Social Work, MEd in Recreational Therapy, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Expressive Arts I call my practice The Hollow Path as a way to express the way I walk and work in the world. I provide the place; and together […]

    Adaptive English Therapy and Diagnostic Tutoring

    Do you have mental blocks for learning English OR just a different way of learning OR major wild resistance to the requirements of learning  English for your first or second Degree? ​Communication is vital, powerful and understandably hard. Communication in another language can be a strange alteration of sound, character, and expression of one’s self. […]

    Expressive Arts Therapy

    I once heard of a tribe that diagnoses illness by asking “When did you stop dancing and when did you stop singing?“ ​We all have a natural innate way of expressing anything and everything. The laughing and drawing and dancing and moving that we admire is inside every single one of us. The impulse to express ourselves […]

    Reorienteering: Reorienting Trauma Using Orienteering

    Reorienteering is a concept I created based on various parts of my professional life. I’m a Clinical Social Worker and Recreational Therapist so I put them together and created a nivut/orienteering activity that uses the best of neuroscience, animal wisdom, recreational therapy and trauma-informed treatment all with a body-oriented and actually fun framework. It’s an exploratory […]

    Pet Loss & Animal Assisted Therapy

    Our pets are our companions and our comfort. They are also an expression of how we live our lives and who we might be if the bounds were off. They share our joys and our burdens and sometimes our carrots. They also reflect parts of ourselves back to us, as the outer world often does, […]

    Clinical Social Work

    When I studied Social Work at the graduate level I learned that the essence of Social Work and its Strengths Perspective was to mobilize your strengths and use them in the service of achieving your goals and visions so that you will have a better quality of life – on your terms. (This is paraphrased from a […]

    Recreational Therapy

    Makes a practice out of the idea that play, recreation, and leisure are an important part of being human ​​Quality of life includes access to leisure experiences and opportunities for self-development and self-expression. With stress and traumas, our playfulness and participation in the lighter side of life can be inhibited, denied, or abandoned as survival energy […]