Adaptive English Therapy and Diagnostic Tutoring

Do you have mental blocks for learning English OR just a different way of learning OR major wild resistance to the requirements of learning  English for your first or second Degree?

Communication is vital, powerful and understandably hard. Communication in another language can be a strange alteration of sound, character, and expression of one’s self. The actual capacity for communication is a very personal web of skills and life stories that sometimes supports our ability to catch a new language and sometimes blocks it altogether. As kids and adults, we are scared when we do not perceive that we have a safe effective way to get what we need. As a result, people may give up or resort to acting in ways that make them feel strong and not vulnerable. But this isn’t the way to find our true strength or learn a language. Language barriers feel scary deep inside of us. Language becomes deeply emotional as it is our way to effectively or ineffectively be a part of humanity.  Language links us together, and as humans – being together at a primary level ensures our survival. So, in pursuit of survival, our use of words becomes a major source of power and control, for good, bad, and ugly. Then hopefully a source for healing.

As we begin to unravel the barriers to learning languages, we are sure to discover personal and fascinating stories of family and survival. With the emotional side of language acquisition given some space and understanding and support the sometimes-long patterns of failure and shame can dissolve and the real capacity for learning can emerge. The division between learning disabilities and emotional blocks will become more clear and the skill building can be more effective and certainly more satisfying.

Particular focus:

  • School-age students starting to fall behind or who have unusual resistance or barriers to English

  • College Students facing the unavoidable language requirements

  • Professionals who want to advance but who didn’t face these barriers earlier in life

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